A sandwich is one of the easiest things to make, this dish can be made by even the least experienced without a lot of work.

so… ¿what’s the secret? put in between two good loaves of bread the perfect ingredients to get a delicious balance in each bite.

Btw ¿do you know what is the history of a sandwich? there are many theories, but the most common (and the one that we believe in) is this: A Count from the XVIII century loved to join his pals to play cards; one day he craved 2 meat slices but he was busy with a full hand of cards and he didn’t want to get dirty, so, he asked to be served the meat in between two loaves of bread. So, one night in Germany John Montagu, the IV sandwich count (1718-1792) had in his hand the first version of today’s famous and known sandwich.

Now that you know the story, we are going to tell you the parts that you have to be aware of so you can achieve the perfect sandwich.

The bread! This is the most important part. Look out for a flavorful and consistent one so it won’t get wet with the other ingredients. There are a handful of bread types but this we are going to tell you more in dept in a forward Foodie article.

The base! this can be the simplest mayo a homemade sauce, beans or other legumes. What we are looking for is giving depth to the bread so it can receive the other ingredients.

The protein! this is the most important choice. Whether you use pork ham or turkey ham, or maybe even cheese for the vegetarian version, always be sure to put enough it has to be thicccc!!! Don’t make it like the typical sandwich that you bought from school with a ham slice thinner that the napkin wrapping it.

The veggies! for a great balance be sure to add some tomato, lettuce, pepper, mushrooms or some veggie grill.

compliments! add a bit of spice and chile, you can put also some spicy sauce, bbq or cajun to give a nice touch to it.

And C’est fini! enjoy!!!

Ok, if you don’t come up with something more than a simple sandwich with white bread, pork ham, tomato and a slice of cheese we can give you some inspiration:


Our friends from show us this easy choice of a jalapeno and cheese sandwich. No need of too many ingredients and very fast made, click on the link to watch a step by step video.

HEALTHY? A CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH. teach us a diet worthy sandwich that your nutriologist gave you a year ago and you know you have to start making it.


Do you low key want to lower your meat intake? A sandwich where the star of the show is grilled veggies, very simple and flavourful, it’s a most!

The recipe from Kiwi limon page it’s awesome.


Yeah! it is, sounds awesome right?! we haven’t prepared it yet but that’s for sure in the list of next weekend menu. Simple ingredients and delicious results.

recipe from cocina delirante site.

And what about The Wolken sandwich recipe? Stay aware because next week we are going to give you a recipe that for sure is going to be legendary (the best sandwich ever made).

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